Guest Session
Hotel Identification Number
Section I-Solicitors Information.
Forma 900.01
Rev. 9/2022
The information on this form is necessary to implement the dispositions of Act No. 272, approved September 9, 2003. This Act and its Regulations authorize the Executive Director of the Puerto Rico Tourism Company to assign an identification number to all hoteliers make it compulsory to use said number and may impose a fine of five hundred ($500.00) dollars for the noncompliance of said obligation. In addition, requires that all business subject to Room Tax complete this form entirely and file with the: PUERTO RICO TOURISM COMPANY, ROOM TAX DIVISION, P.O. BOX 9024000, SAN JUAN, P. R. 00902-4000.
Applicant Name  *
Legal Name  *
Commercial Name  *
Bus. Soc. Sec. or Personal  (No Dashes)*
The address belongs to the applicant
Postal Address 1 *
Postal Address 2
Postal Address 3
Postal Address 4
City  *
State *
Zip Code *
Telephone  (No Dashes)*
E-mail  *
Confirm E-mail  *
Beginning of operations  mm/dd/yyyy *
Accounting closing date mm/dd/yyyy (If Applies)
Last year audited  yyyy (If Applies)
Business Category
Name/Position in charge of business  *
Name/Position of person that can answer questions related to this application  *

Section II- Properties- Indicate the properties intended for rent
Hotelier Type
Amount of properties  *
The physical address is of the property to be rented
Hotelier name  *
Physical Address 1 *
Physical Address 2
Physical Address 3
Physical Address 4
City  *
State *
Zip Code *
Cadastre ?The property ID number can be found on any CRIM document or the property deed.  000-000-000-00-000  *
Is Owner
Authorization Letter
This Property is subject to provisions of the Board of Directors or the Owner  *
Attachment Condominium Board
The property will be rented as a complete unit?
Amount of rooms ?Amount is required if the property is Not rented as a whole unit.  
Nightly Rate  * $
Section III- Indicate the TOTAL room revenue for the last three fiscal years previous to the application date. If Applies.
Fiscal year 1 Income $
Fiscal year 2 Income $
Fiscal year 3 Income $
Section IV- Supporting Documents- In this section you can upload supporting documentation. It is not required.
Identification documentation with photo *
Merchant registration *
Utilities(Water,Light) *
Certification for all CRIM concepts.
You can obtain this document at
CRIM documents

I declare under oath, subject to the penalty of perjury as defined in the Penal Code of The Commonwealth Of Puerto Rico, administrative fines and penalties of the article 48 of the law 272 of 9 de september of 2003, that the information given in this document and all attachments is complete and truthful; and I understand that any license/s may be revoked by any uncompliance to the rules created by the Executive Director of the Puerto Rico Tourism Company.